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We offer the finest quality travel health services including:

  • Vaccinations
  • Travel Health Education
  • Preventive Medication
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of travel related disease 

Traveller's health serves many types of travelers, including: business professionals, students, tourists, volunteer and mission groups, adopting families, scientific researchers, performers, foreign visitors.  


We offer the following specific services:

  • Required and recommended* vaccinations - the list is customized specifically for you. You get just what you need. We stock all commonly required vaccines including Yellow Fever and Typhoid, and can obtain exotic vaccines by request. See Vaccines in Stock for a complete list.
  • A permanent immunization record. All vaccines administered by MTHS are entered into the Michigan Immunization Registry (MCIR). In addition, MTHS maintains a record of your immunization history.
  • Personalized consultations for how to stay healthy while traveling. The counseling takes into account your medical history, travel plans, and the current infectious disease conditions for each stop on your trip. Depending on destination and medical history, consult topics may include:
  1. Counseling and written information is given on the effectiveness and possible side effects of vaccines received.    
  2. Advise about consumption of food and water    
  3. How to avoid Travelers' Diarrhea    
  4. Prevention and treatment of Travelers' Diarrhea including fluid replacement    
  5. Recommend preventive medications    
  6. Latest U.S. government health advisories for your travel destinations    
  7. Tips for air travel and jet lag    
  8. How to handle altitude related illnesses    
  9. Special needs travelers (Pregnant women, children, elderly, chronically ill)   
  10. Planning a travelers' medical kit    
  11. How to locate English speaking physicians    
  12. Current listings of U.S. embassies and consulates 
  • Medication Prescriptions such as anti-malaria, antibiotics and motion sickness medications to help prevent illness.
  • Physician letters authorizing possession of medications, needles and medical equipment. This may help with airport security.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of travel related illness: diarrhea, fever, skin problems or other medical conditions that may develop during or after your trip.
  • Follow up visits - our travel service is unique in that we also make available follow-up visits after you return from your trip. You can call us if you return home ill or with questions about your health.

*Not all at risk areas have government established health precautions. Recommendations are based on careful monitoring of bulletins and advisories from CDC, WHO, ISTM, and other official resources.


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